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Jim Stagliano is our professional Taxidermist. Jim has had a love of hunting and Taxidermy since he was a child. He mounted his first whitetail deer at the very young age of nine and has spent the past forty years perfecting his art. His love for the outdoors and the hunt has made him a dedicated artist when it comes to preserving your once-in-a-lifetime trophy. As a hunter himself, Jim firmly believes in making your trophy the best it can be and is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Jim has been certified by the National Taxidermy Association and has won numerous awards on the State and National level for his outstanding realism in North American game heads and life size mounts, including Best in Show and several First Place awards.  

As an avid big game hunter, Jim has travelled throughout North America, Africa, Asia and New Zealand. In his travels, Jim has developed a keen eye for detail and collected valuable reference to give your mount the most lifelike appearance. 

At Stagliano Taxidermy, Jim is our sole Taxidermist. Therefore our clients don’t have to be concerned that the quality of their mount will be compromised by too many hands. 

Stagliano Taxidermy insists on using only the highest quality taxidermy grade tanning and state of the art supplies. As with any industry, the Taxidermy industry continues to evolve and improve its techniques. We believe that staying current on the most recent methods will provide you with the highest quality mount.

Stagliano Taxidermy works on a seven to nine month turn-around time from the point that your trophy arrives at our studio.

Jim Stagliano is an official scorer for Safari Club International and a certified measurer for Records of Exotics. 

We are happy to counsel our client’s prior to their big game hunt. We will supply you with instructions and shipping tags to make your hunt worry-free. We will also make all importation arrangements for you, at your request.


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