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At Stagliano Taxidermy, we understand the concerns of transporting and/or importing valuable, perishable trophies long distances. We are always available to advise you on how best to prepare prior to your hunt. A few things we recommend are:

For transport by yourself within the US: 

Contact us several days before your hunt to make arrangements for dropping off your trophy to our studio.

Skin and clean your trophy as soon as possible.

Do not leave your trophy in direct sunlight. Cool your trophy as quickly as possible by placing it in a freezer, cooler or ice chest. Double bag your trophy to prevent the cape/hide from becoming saturated with water, you want to keep the cape cool and dry. For heavy woolen game, open the hide flesh side out, letting the heat out quicker. 

Be careful not to get excessive blood on the cape, especially the facial area.

If you are unable to deliver your trophy to our studio within 48 hours, we recommend shipping it to us. Please keep in mind you are shipping a perishable item, therefore it is best to ship on a Monday or Tuesday via UPS or FedEx using either overnight or Second Day shipping.

How you care for your trophy in the field directly affects your mount!

For importation of trophies outside of the US:

Contact us several months prior to your hunt. We will provide you with shipping tags and all instructions.

Provide us with a list of the species you are planning to hunt. Certain species, such as Leopard, swine, Baboon and primates, require special permits to import into the US. These are required by US Fish and Wildlife and are typically a CITES permit. We can advise you on how to obtain these permits. 

Make sure your trophies are properly labeled with the tags provided to you. You want to ensure your trophies are identifiable as yours.

Obtain all e-mail addresses and phone numbers of the parties who will be handling your trophies overseas.

Provide your professional hunter with the e-mail and phone number of both your broker and your taxidermist so they are able to keep us up to date on the status of your trophies.

While a broker is not necessary to import your trophies into the US, we do recommend it. We typically use Coppersmith Global Logistics in Atlanta, Georgia. All of our commercial tanning is done at Carolina Fur Dressing and we have found it to be more cost effective to ship your trophies from Georgia to North Carolina. While we recommend Coppersmith Global Logistics, you are free to use whatever broker you are most comfortable with.

Upon completion of your hunt, please contact us with any overseas contact information so we are able to track the status of your trophies. Please keep in mind that this process can frequently take up to 6 months.

Once your trophies arrive in the US, skulls and horns are shipped to our studio for safe keeping. Our studio is monitored for fire and theft 24 hours a day.

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